Friday, July 19, 2013

Dragonvale Cheats - Free Dragonvale Hack Tool

Dragonvale Cheats

Learn how to find and use all of the latest dragonvale cheats in order to receive unlimited and free dragonvale gems and coins. This dragonvale hack tool is a free download that anyone can use because no jailbreak is required.

Free Dragonvale Hack Tool Download

dragonvale cheats

Dragonvale is probably one of the best game for smartphones, actually it is in AppStore's top grossing list, so this is another prove. When playing Dragonvale you will need to manage a vale of dragons. There are many breeds of dragons and you will need to mix different types of dragons to make ultimate dragons. You can also play race game to win prizes like gems, money and treats.

Building, mixing dragons and collect money from dragons will take time, a lot of time, sometimes even days. To expedite the process you can use Gems but there is a catch, is it VERY HARD to get gems!

This is where me and my hacking team get into the business. We spent a lot of time developing this Dragonvale cheats tool. With these Dragonvale cheats you can generate unlimited Gems, Money and Treats so easily as seen in the video above. We managed to find a working method to edit the database without using software from Cydia or such, you can use the cheats from your own computer, but remember you need an internet connection!

As you saw in my video, I generated a lot of Coins, Gems and Treats very easily using my Dragonvale Cheats. First, I chose my favorite platform (Game Center), it then logged to Game Center's server, then I validated that my account is actually registered at Game Center's database, then I just pressed Start and the Dragonvale Cheats Tool connected Game Center's database with Dragonvale Cheats Tool's database and edited the gems, treats and money.

The Dragonvale hack tool works on Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows XP / Macintosh.Just download Dragonvale hack from the link below and extract dragonvalecheats.rar, then launch dragonvalecheats.exe and follow the steps above